I think im gonna stop doing livejournal, im kinda getting tired of it..or i might come back every once in a while
so i think im gonna back to picture trail but i dont know

San Antonio..and Pictures!!

YaY!! summer school ended on friday!!! i was so glad!! but friday was fun i guess, except all the guys in that summer school class at like me and gabby are toys. literally, lol. they were like yall are so light we could pick you up and we were like haha yeah right, so we were just standing around and they come and pick us up and want are trying to play "toss" with us and trying to throw us around to other guys, lol it was funny, but we were like screaming put me down! lol, but yeah now summer school is oVeR!!!!!!!!! after school me, gabby, and janelle went out to eat at Taco Cabana and then we met lesley at the pool later that night and stayed there till like 9. Then I had to come home and pack for San Antonio to go to my aunt's wedding. Then we left for San Antonio saturday morning, and met my grandma for lunch at this place when we got there. and we went to her house and I watched tv and got ready for the wedding. Then we got the place where the wedding was and my aunt and Lou got married!!! finally! after the wedding part it was kinda boring, I just ate and sat there for like an hour. Then at like 9 my cousins matt and amanda and matt's girlfriend laura and I decided to leave and go play putt putt. So we all had to squish into matt's truck untill we got to laura's house so we could get another car, and of course i have like an inch to sit on cuz im the youngest.. :/ but i didnt care cuz i was just glad to get of the boring wedding party ( I am happy for my aunt though :) ) then we got to laura's house and her whole family was there celebrating the spurs winning and they had just gotten back from the parade. and matt introduced me to all of them. Then laura's mom came back with the truck, so laura took amanda in her car and matt took me in his truck and the putt putt place was kinda far, so we listend to his music realllly loud haha it was fun though and then he turned really crazy into this place and he was like ooh i bet laura and amanda are gonna say something about it, but we didnt bet, and they didnt say anything... haha but oh well he paid for me so its ok. so we played putt putt, they were like ok well your gonna go first cuz your the youngest haha and i was like the last one to get the ball in the hole like the whole time we were there. but we got bored of keeping score and amanda kept losing her ball in the bushes and it was late at night so it was dark and we couldnt find it, so we just started being weird and trying to throw our balls in the holes. lol and amanda picked up this coke bottle and whacked it so hard with her putter thing and it like exploded everywhere.. lol shes crazy then we left at like 11:30 cuz we had to be back at the wedding before midnight. so yeah that was the fun night I had with my cousins and matt's girlfriend! now im about to go pack because I'm leaving for houston tomorrow morning and i wont be back till next sunday!
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RaCheL eLaYnE rObErTs

~ TEN random things about me ~
1. I love CoUnTrY mUsIc
2. I love getting french maniqures
3. My favorite color is pink
4. I like going to BiG PaRtIeS with my friends and dancing alllllll night!
5. I have brown hair and blue eyes
6. I like silver jewlery
8. I've lived in Texas all my life except for 3 months when I lived in California
9. I still watch Disney Channel lol
10. I go to Bowie!!!!! gO BuLlDaWgS!!!!

NINE ways to win my heart
1. dont pressure me into doing anything I dont want to do
2. tell me im pretty
3. give me hugs alot
4. don't let your friends be mean to me
5. be nice to MY FRIENDS
6. hold my hand
7. do something nice for me
8. dont get your friends to come tell me stuff, if you want to tell me something, come tell me yourself
9. be nice to me!!

EIGHT things I want to do before I die
1. go to Greece
2. be a really good dancer
3.have a good job/career
4. get married
5. live a loooong time
6. help someone with something important
7. travel alot
8. learn how to sing good

SEVEN things I wish I were
1. smart at algebra
2. a dancer for silver stars, hopefully next year though
3. a better person
4. rIcH! lol jk, but i wish I wasn't broke @ the moment
5. pretty
6. a good singer
7. older so i could get my car

SIX things that get me mad (or annoyed/paranoid/frustrated)
1. when people talk about me bad behind my back
2. when ppl are like "Oooh I tolD yOu so!" alksjdfla i hate that!!!!!
3. when my parents dont listen to me
4. when teachers are retarded and dont understand things
5. when ppl act all goody goody
6. when people are rude for no reason

FIVE things I'm afraid of
1. Lizards
2. needles
3. the pitch black dark
4. scary movies
5. haunted houses @ carnivals and stuff

FOUR of my favorite items in my room
1. my cd player
2. pictures of everyone
3. all my blankets and pillows i have
4. things my friends have made/gave me

HREE things I do everyday
1. brush my teeth
2. shower
3. eat lol

2 things I need to do right now
1. go to the gym or go running
2. clean my room

ONE person I want to see right now
1. i havent seen them in a while so, my two little cousins, Jordan and Alexis <those are my girls right there!! lol
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nOt MuCH...

not that much has been going on latley. I'm going to summer school with gabby and janelle, and I know alot of ppl there. Me and Gabby are taking speech and its actually kinda fun. The class is so easy and we just get to color and like cut stuff out of magazines and listen to the radio and the ppl are funny, so it's been okay. So ive just been going to that for the past week, then coming home and not doing much. Ugh today it made me so mad, because i dont really know whats going on with me and joel.. I just wanna be friends and I just don't know what going out, but me and gabby were about to get in Janelle's brother's car after summer school and his friends were like yelling stuff at me, and it just makes me mad because.. idk its so stupid. idk but oh well... but anyways Janelle's brother matt dropped me off at like 2 and then I was eating and Ray called me, and I ended up staying on the phone with him for like 4 hours. then lesley called and we decided to go see Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants again!!!!! and of course we cried our eyes out again!! but we had fun! now gabby's parents are over and they are talking about the artichoke story... ohhmmggshhh! lol well im gonna go shower and probally go to sleep..
Im tiReD!!!!!
<33 RaChEl
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DaY oUt wItH tHe giRlS!

today was so much fun, gabby, janelle, lesley and me, plus lesley's sister, janelle's sister, gabby's sister and lesleys mom all went to go see that Traveliing Pants movie and it was really cute! we all started crying, it was so saaaaad! I <3'd it though! then we went and walked around the mall and ate, and then came home. It was fun because I spent the whole day out instead of sitting around here doing nothing. I'm still tired though from this weekend and I went to bed kinda late last night cuz i was on the phone with alyssa, and then janelle and ray, and then joel called me, and then i talked to gabby for a long time even though it only felt like 5 minuetes. SO yeah I'm pretty tired...anyways I have some more pictures from the quinceanerra that I didn't put on here yet, and a few from today. If you havent looked @ most of the pics from lesley's quinceanerra then look @ the last entry! there at the bottom!!
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this weekend was so much fun!!!//LeSlEy'S qUiNcEaNeRrA!

this weekend was sooo much fun!! from friday to sunday!!!!
On Friday night we had to go help decorate the church hall and practice the dance for lesley's quinceanerra. So we danced and then me and gabby were gluing stuff to these wine glasses for the toast that was gonna be @ lesleys quince. and I was having way too much fun with the glue gun and i was like burning myself with it, but not really burning, just touching it and then Ray and Joel came over and I was like can i put some on your hand, cuz i really didnt think it would be that bad. BUt Ray chickened out so Joel was like ok do it, so I did it and burned him so bad! then I was stupid and I peeled it off his hand before it dried and there is this burn thing on his hand, and I felt SoOo bad!!!! i almost started crying. Then Ray and Joel were being mean and they were like ooh my handdd and making it sound all bad. But i Felt soooooooo bad!!!!!!!!!!!! so I came home and made him and I'm sorry note! oh and how could i forget patrick making fun of me!!! patrick, my names not Rac! then i went to sleep, but I like barley slept at all, idk if i was excited or nervous or w/e
Then on Saturday, I woke up and got ready to go get my hair done with gabby for lesleys quince. The hair took fOrEvEr! but it looked good, so then we went to the mall and ate really fast and got our makeup done and went and got some last mineute things we needed. Then we went to gabbys house and got ready!!! then we had to be at the church at 5 for pictures, so we took pictures, then had the mass for lesleys quince. Then we went into the hall for tha ParTaYyyy!! except we had to do the dance and stuff and walk in with our escorts. lol i messed up so bad, oh well it was so much fun! then lesleys dad sang to her and everyone started crying because lesley started crying. it was soo sweet and sad!!!! then we started dancing and it was so much funnnnn! and gabby and i were trying to teach the guys how to 2 step, then Joel and I danced to the last slow song and it was so sweet, even after I burned his hand too! then we had to start cleaning up but me and gabby just layed down and talked and waited for everyone to get done cleaning up. then after cleaning up everyone in the court went back to lesley's house for the after party! it was fun, but I was tired. then i went and talked to joel about some stuff, and i think were just gonna be friends for right now, since we dont know each other that well, but i still feel bad about his hand!!! but then me, gabby, ray, and janelle left at like 1 in the morning and went to janelle's house to spend the night. and ray spent the night since he lives kinda far away, so it was a whole big partttyy again!!! omgsh it felt so good to get out of those dresses though! lol so me, gabby, ray, jacqueline, and courtney ( lesley's and janelle's little sisters ) stayed up talking till like 5 in the morning, cuz janelle went to sleep. and then ray was scaring us cuz he was telling us this scary story, lol the hooves! then at like 5 in the morning everyone went to bed except me and gabby and ray stayed in the living room and we were gonna watch a movie, lol it took so long to get out all that stuff and find some. "I feel a good one!" lol so we finally put in finding nemo, but we made ray go sit on the couch first because of the hooves. then finding nemo broke or stopped working and gabby like feel asleep and she was like passed out, so ray and I talked and he tried to get me to tell him something so we spent like an hour and a half arguing and talking, and it was like 6:30 in the morning so finally i made ray go to matt's room and go to bed. so i fell asleep and then courtney came and layed on the couch with me at like 9 in the morning, and me and gabby were sleeping and everyone else was awake and talking. i didnt really sleep though, cuz i could hear them all talking, but finally we got up at like 12 and went to janelles room and talked and then watched tv and had whataburger, and we were watching Newlyweds, then I came home at like 2:30 and slept till 4:30 and I'm still so extremly tiredd!!!!
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<3 3 MoRe DaYs!!

I'm so eXcited!! :) lesleys quince is on saturday and tomorrow is the day I get to start my pampering! :) im going to go get my nails done and eyebrows done tomorrow, then friday idk what.. then saturday makeup and hair! :) I cant wait, but I want to say something MiSs LeSlEy BoRrErO: I hope you have the best birthday ever! this is the most special one of all, and saturday is YOUR day! thank you so much for letting me be a part of it and in your court and everything. and thanks for everything you've done for me this year, I'm so glad I met you and we all became tHa cHiLi'S! ill always remember the night @ Chili's, 5th period lunch, all our code names, crying together over stupid guys, and so much more!!! I cant wait till saturday, were gonna have so much freakin fun!!! :) LoVe yA 2 ThA tOp gIrL!!!!
ok well yesterday I went to the mall and got some clothes and jewlery and all this stuff, which was very fun! then me and my mom went and ate a chick feeeeeelaaaaaaa???? lol idk, then today I had to go to the dentist, which sUcKeD, but oh well, then I went out to lunch and then went to lesley's house. me and patrick danced together and we could so not get the dance, we kept messing up and stuff and turing the wrong way, hah it was crazy but it was funny. then we just hung out at lesleys house and then lesley left w/ her mom, so me, ray, patrick, and lesleys sisters watched tv and then I came home. Oh and my stupid hair straightner broke today, which was just my luck, but I went to Ulta and had to do all this stuff and call the credit card company and everything, but I finally got it worked out and I got a new straightner. and this lady came up to my dad in Ulta and was like Is that your daughter? and he was like yeah, and she was like whoa shes beautiful, and then she started talking to me about all this stuff and school, and she was so sweet!!!!!!!!! i wish more people were nice like that, instead of ppl who are rude and walk around like they are THE SHIT! ugh it makes me mad!
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San Antonio

this weekend was fun i guess, I went to San Antonio for my cousin's graduations. I thought it was gonna be sOoOOo BoriNg, but it wasnt that bad. Friday we drove there and went to my cousin Josh's graduation party. We didn't really do anything, just talked and ate. So we watched Shrek 2, while the my mom was outside trying to dance and tell everyone about what I did at the capitol that was "so bad"! but I got confused about Shrek 2 so I didn't understand anything. Then we just hung out and stayed there till late. Saturday we went out to lunch, then had to get ready to go to my other cousin Mathew's gradauation. It was at the alamo dome, so that brought back some memories of last semester, lol. Then after his gradutation we went out to dinner with everyone and then came home late last night.
Then today i stayed in my pajamas allll day and watched tv! i was so tired, then I had to get ready to go to lesley's house for quincerra dance rehearsal. I cant believe its already this saturday! its gonna be so much fun! So we were all at lesley's house and we didnt dance that much, just hung out and me and gabby took a 5 minuete nap in her bed, haha that was fun. then afterwards me and gabby went to Maricarmen's house ( one of their family friends ) and we ate dinner there and then watched like 2 minuetes of Au Pair, then we called Lesley and Ray. and we talked to them about some stuff for a long time, then we went back to gabbys house and it was raining So hard!!!! then I came home and now im gonna go watch tv and go to sleep, cuz I'm tired!!!
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so, its like officially SuMmEr!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yAyyy!!!! and yay for me passing ALLL My finals!! especially english and geography, which I HAD to pass or else I would have to go to summer school, I was so scared when I looked to see what I got, I was sure I didnt pass, but I did! and I passed biology, and hopefully algebra, it was alot easier than I thought. bUt oMgSh i am so glad school is out!!! and I'm glad we had half days all this week, but after school got out yesterday my mom picked me and gabby up and went out to lunch @ shlotskys... (sP?) then went over and looked at Old Navy, but didnt really see anything, then we went to the pool!! then we came back to my house and made pina coladas and tanned on my driveway for a little while, we got a little sunburned though, but oh well. then we took a shower and got ready and went out to dinner at Johney Carnios! so it was a pretty fun day! I went to sleep early, I was so tired from finals and all that! I am going to miss some ppl this summer though, its gonna be sad not seeing some of them, but hopefully all the quincerra's will keep me and my close friends in touch, the people who I really care about seeing are all going to be there! so that will be fun, +++ KAITLIN IS COMING THIS SUMMER!!!!!!!! yAAAAyyyy!!!!!!! and Vanessa is coming this summer too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant wait till these 2 ppl get here!!!!!!!! :) :)
well now, I'm gonna clean my room, go drop off something at bowie, maybe go to the mall and pack for tomorrow+this weekend!
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